With a promise of adventure, leisure, and paying less in overall rent and living expenses, many boaters have decided that living on a boat full time is the best way to save money and live their lives to the fullest. But if you have never tried the live-aboard experience, then you may be wondering – can you live on a boat comfortably? And if so, where and how? Mabru Power Systems, providers of marine AC units including many different models with various functions, have the answers and present them in this quick guide. If you are considering the prospect of living on a boat, then this article is the perfect place to learn the basics.

Where to Live on a Boat

Living aboard a boat is about so much more than the vessel. The location where your vessel is either anchored or moored is going to be your neighborhood, and just like when you have investigated and audited areas of town to call your own, analyzing your options is a must. Though living on a boat that is out to sea most of the time is a completely viable option, most live-aboard boaters have decided that living on a boat in a marina is their best bet.

Why are live-aboard marinas such an amazing option for those trying to make their experience of life on a boat as smooth a transition as possible? Because these are, in many ways, the best way to recreate a neighborhood experience while on the water. Many of these marinas offer Wi-Fi, laundry equipment, friendly neighbors, and local stores for those looking to grab items in a hurry. It is important to verify that the marina both offers live-aboard boaters the option to make their property their full-time residence. Some marinas don’t, making it important to verify that the particular marina you are considering has all the essentials you will need for living on a boat.

How to Live on a Boat Comfortably

Now that you’ve decided that living on the boat is the best option for you and have found the perfect marina to call your neighborhood, it’s time to address the micro-level details that come with the experience of living in a boat. The issue of comfort must not be ignored when it comes to making your home feel like it is truly the right place to live.

Getting things such as proper cushions for both the deck and cabin of your new aquatic home is a must. You need to treat the issue of comfort the same way you would in a traditional home with traditional furniture. Also, be sure to get the appropriate appliances and decorations. The appliances will ensure that you have everything necessary for daily at-home tasks, and the décor is appropriately displayed, which will make life on the boat feel homier.

Lastly, be sure to get a marine air conditioner. Life on the water could be affected by constantly changing temperatures that are caused by the time of day, wind, and climate of the sea. You’re going to need a bit of machine help at times. All of these things are essential to make your experience of living on a boat perfect, and our professional Mabru air conditioner team can help in at least one of these areas.

Our Marine Air Conditioning Experts Are Here to Help

If you are in the process of starting the live-aboard experience and want to get the perfect marine air conditioner for your soon-to-be-home, then be sure to get in touch with Mabru Power Systems and gain access to the most amazing units on the market. Our team of experts has been crafting these pieces of equipment, among many others, for years and is always ready to help boaters in need of a more comfortable experience. Find a dealer near you, or feel free to read some of our other articles to gain further insight into all things boating and air conditioning for boats.


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