Everyone has been in a situation when they were on the road, and they opted to drive with the windows down instead of using their RV air conditioner. Whether this was done to conserve use for the appliance later or simply due to a want for the temperature outside, how do these two methods differ from one another in practicality and efficiency? The answer may not be what you would have believed. There are some secret benefits to using one method that some would not have expected. Mabru Power Systems, a provider of expertly crafted RV air conditioning units as well as marine air conditioning solutions, analyzes driving with AC vs. windows down in your RV. In this article, we try to nail down the answers to these questions. Our team has years of experience and prides itself on its ability to answer questions posed by current and future owners of our air conditioning units. We are always ready to give helpful insight into the industry that we are a part of.

Driving With Windows Down vs. AC – Which Works Faster and Better?

Whether you are driving through a cooler climate and your RV AC blows warm air while driving or are in a hotter part of the world and want cool and refreshing air to come from your appliance, your RV air conditioner offers variability to adapt to your current wants and needs as they appear. While rolling down a window and letting pleasant temperatures flood your vehicle is an enjoyable experience, it is a one-time set temperature that can also allow for unwanted side effects. 

When you roll down a window in an RV, you are likely going to be unevenly distributing the outside temperatures within your camper. This means some people may feel as though they are experiencing amazing temperatures while others could feel too hot or too cold. On top of that, if you are driving through an area that has many bugs or other nuisances in the region, you could potentially be inviting them into your RV. Doing this could lead to a need for traps or professional intervention to completely rid your RV of these pests. Perhaps the greatest component to consider when evaluating driving with AC vs. windows down is that your unit could work better while driving than it does while your RV is stagnant. 

Why Your RV Auto Air Conditioning Works Better While Driving

The main fight that air conditioning puts up in the argument of driving with AC vs. windows down in your RV is that, while driving, your RV AC gets warm while driving at a rate that can sometimes be even faster than it would be while not moving. This has to do with the relationship that your RV air conditioner’s compressor has with the engine. As the engine runs, the compressor begins to work “overtime.” It will start to blow cooler or warmer, depending on your preferences. In the end, the discussion between driving with AC vs. windows down is won by AC due to the efficiency and convenience of the appliance. This is doubly so when the RV air conditioner in question was crafted by the experts at Mabru Power Systems.

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