When it comes to the world of marine air conditioner specialists and their products, two product lines are king – AC and DC air conditioner units. But what is the difference between DC and AC air conditioning, and which is the right unit for you? If you find yourself trying to find the difference between AC and DC units to see which would be the right one to make your own, then Mabru Power Systems is here to help! As experts in the industry with years of experience, our team has the expertise necessary to answer all questions related to the subject of marine air conditioning whenever necessary.

What Is the Difference Between AC and DC Units?

The AC and DC difference is not linked to the function of the machines but rather to how they are operating. Although both of these appliances are designed to fulfill the same purpose, that being to either heat or cool your vessel’s cabins to the perfect temperature while in use, they have different current flows, which are chosen for a variety of reasons.

Alternating current (AC) units work with an electric charge that does not maintain the same consistency throughout its use. While this is usually done as a way to conserve energy when needed, a DC unit will have a constant electric charge that flows in one direction. These appliances are more focused on consistency. The difference between AC and DC units does boil down to a preference for energy use.

Which Marine Air Conditioner Is Right for You?

The differences between AC and DC units are not meant to change the purpose of the appliance, so which between the two is the right one for your vessel? Well, it boils down to how you would prefer your marine air conditioning units to operate in terms of voltage. Whichever you choose to call your own, be sure to get your choice from a selection of high-quality marine air conditioning units by making Mabru Power Systems your supplier.

Get Your Mabru Air Conditioner Today

If you’re in the market for either an AC or DC air conditioner unit, be sure to get one from the wide selection available at Mabru Power Systems! Find a dealer today or reach out to our team to learn more directly from the experts. Be sure to also take a look at some of our other articles to get further insights into all things marine air conditioning today.


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