If there is one thing that California is known for, it is having great lake boating destinations and excellent weather. With so many beautiful days in the Golden State, it is only natural that you are curious about some of the best lakes for boating in California. There are many ways that you could spend an afternoon with your family and friends in California, and Mabru Power Systems is here to detail some of the best ones. Continue reading below to learn more from our marine boating experts, no matter if you are located in Northern or Southern California. 

Boating Lakes in Northern California 

Northern California has plenty of boating locations where you could take your family. One of the top locations is Trinity Lake. Trinity Lake is one of Northern California’s most beautiful boating locations because of its a shared location with Shasta-Trinity National Forest. One of the most interesting aspects of this location is the fact that it is encompassed by tree-lined shores to explore. There are also many opportunities for trout and bass fishing for sportsmen. 

Another location that our marine air conditioner business recommends that you visit is Shaver Lake. Shaver Lake is one of the top lakes for boating in California because there are plenty of locations to anchor and watersports to enjoy like jet skiing, canoes, kayaks, and more. Aside from the breathtaking views, the water is deep enough for sailboats, which attracts many different boaters to the lake. 

There are also plenty of Bay Area boating lakes to explore, like Lake del Valle and Lake Chabot. 

Boating Lakes in Southern California 

Southern California is also full of lakes where visitors can enjoy boating and other kinds of recreational activities and water sports. One of the most popular options that people could go to is Castaic Lake. Boasting one of the most beautiful locations in the State of California, visitors could go on float tubes, kayaks, and fishing boats. This park even gives the option for people to set up a tent or RV so that they could better experience what the park has to offer. 

Another location that people could visit is Big Bear Lake. Big Bear Lake is one of the top lakes for boating in California because of the numerous marinas and various water sports that visitors can partake in. This includes renting a pontoon boat so you can explore the seven-mile-long shoreline. 

More About Mabru Marine AC

Aside from providing a list of the top lakes for boating in California, Mabru Marine is a top supplier of marine air conditioning. We have experience manufacturing some of the best air conditioning products for boats on the market. Our products include: 

  • Self-contained air conditioners
  • Marine batteries
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  • Marine pumps 
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