Once you have gotten past the first, most important step of buying and owning an RV, it’s important that your vehicle is stocked with the essential accessories. The point of having an RV is to travel in it to desolate places in nature and enjoy all of what our earth has to offer. This is all fun and games until you are somewhere with no cell phone signal and no grocery store within 20 miles. Mabru Marine is here to help you with our expert advice on some of the must-have RV accessories as well as RV campsite accessories. 

The experts in all things RV air conditioning at Mabru Power Systems are here for you and your camping needs by sharing this helpful guide. Our team has years of experience in helping campers and RV owners prepare for all types of climates through the use of marine air conditioning system solutions. Our team has extensive knowledge of RV conservation and upkeep and has put together some information to guide you. This includes what the best accessories to keep in your RV are and why they come in handy.

Camping Accessories

Camping is the main attraction of the RV universe. It can be a blast and is a hobby that families have done together for decades. But camping can become not-so-fun very quickly if you are not properly prepared. Many RV camping accessories are related to regulating the internal temperature of the cabin and keeping yourself cool or warm.

Depending on the area, even in the winter, it can be fairly warm out during the day. But temperatures drop dramatically as soon as the sun goes down, especially if you are on top of a mountain or very deep in a forest. Having a portable fire pit is a handy RV accessory for super cold nights. It’s a plus that you can use it for other reasons, too, like to cook hotdogs and smores.

If you want to keep your food completely separate from the heat source, you can look into getting a small, portable grill to keep in the RV. They are available in all shapes and sizes, and they add a great deal to the camping experience. While staying on the topic of warmth, a heated blanket can make a huge difference in the quality of sleep that you have while detaching and disconnecting in your RV for a weekend.

Opposite from the heating component to stay warm, if you happen to be camping in the summer, you should make sure to get your hands on a Mabru air conditioner. RV air conditioners may seem somewhat controversial because, theoretically, camping implies that you are fully unplugged. However, just like cars, at the very least, these vehicles need air conditioning for traveling on the road.

RV Interior Accessories

Some important accessories for the inside of an RV include a cordless vacuum to keep the small space tidy. This will be especially useful if there are multiple people staying in one small space. A window shade cover can be beneficial if you are trying to keep the light from shining in and making the space hot. The shade can also act as a privacy wall if you are near other RVs on a campground.

Your RV kitchen accessories should include a crock pot. While instant pots are very resourceful while at home, they also can make life in an RV so much easier. Staying healthy and well-fed is essential when going on long road trips or just straining your body by doing crazy camping activities. You’ll also want a stove cover, which can really come in handy due to the lack of counter space that most RVs have.

A more fun RV accessory would be a walkie-talkie. A lot of places where people go camping don’t usually have the best cell phone service. Especially if you are camping with other families in other RVs, having a walkie-talkie ensures that you can stay in communication with your family and friends without having to rely on cell phone service.

Tips for Buying RV accessories

These accessories are subjective to the type of RV that you own. All RVs vary greatly in their shape, size, and how much the inside of them can carry. It’s important to do your research on your RV and have an understanding of what accessories can fit and will work to their fullest potential.

You should also keep in mind the group of people you are traveling with. This will affect the type of accessories you should be looking into. Camping with a family of five will need different accessories than camping only with a significant other. Also, if you are bringing a pet, remember that they have their own set of special circumstances that can affect the type of accessories you will need. Lastly, prepare for the climate. Nature is unpredictable, as we all know. Being as prepared as possible will give you a very smooth trip the way it should be.

Mabru Air Conditioning Solutions for Your RV

Are you taking out your RV for a camping trip anytime soon? Now that you know the must-have RV accessories, maybe it’s time you go! Mabru Marine is here for all your RV air conditioning unit needs. Whether you were previously confused about getting your RV accessories or are just wondering what the best camping essentials are, Mabru Marine can point you in the right direction.

Turn to us if you are ever in need of help with your marine air conditioning units, as well as browse our articles for more insight on anything and everything marine diesel. Find a dealer today! You can start your camping trip with a brand-new AC and all the new must-have RV accessories.


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