If you have ever found yourself planning or starting off a country-wide tour of the United States and have chosen your RV as your mode of transportation, then you have certainly made a few plans for unwanted circumstances. Naturally, you must have planned your food supply just in case you find yourself in need of a meal when you are somewhat distant from the nearest restaurant or supermarket. You also made the appropriate plans for water and general trip planning. But what about RV cooling? Do you know how to keep your RV cool?

Knowing how to cool an RV in summer months or when you are passing through an especially hot part of the country is a must for all of you planning such an expedition! Mabru Power Systems, the provider of excellent RV air conditioner units, knows all there is to know about how to cool an RV in the summer. We present our recommendations on how to keep your RV cool here. You will learn everything from what temperature to keep your appliance in to some additional tips and tricks to help your plan the best way to keep heat out of a camper.

Keeping an RV Cool in Extreme Heat, Best Air Conditioner Temperature

If you want to learn how to keep your RV cool in times of heat while you traverse the path of your RV-housed adventure, you’re going to need to know the very basics of RV air conditioning units. This includes proper temperatures and how to perform minimal upkeep and repairs. The recommended temperature of an RV should be the same as your home. After all, learning how to keep your RV cool is very related to the same concept in traditional houses.

It is recommended that you keep your appliance running between 70 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This is considered a comfortable temperature range that shouldn’t cause any additional issues for your unit while in use. 

After some time, it is recommended that you learn how to keep your RV cool in the long run by learning how to perform basic upkeep and repairs if needed. After all, it is possible that you will be far from repairmen at some part in your journey. If you find yourself in a situation that is becoming more uncomfortable due to your air conditioner not working, you will want to know how to fix it. Learning things such as how to change your air conditioner’s filter or coils and how to spot and temporarily stop a leak will surely come in handy. 

Additional Hacks to Keep an RV Cool in Summer Months

It is possible that you could find yourself with an air conditioning unit that is no longer blowing cold air and is far away from the closest repairman and must perform duties yourself. But what if you aren’t comfortable with repairing it alone? In this case, you can learn how to keep your RV cool in less efficient yet more traditional ways.

Doing things such as parking your RV under the shade, opening windows, or simply buying fans at a local store can come in handy when looking for how to cool RV spaces without the assistance of HVAC units. The best way to ensure that you can keep cool and worry less about any potential problems is to equip your vehicle with expertly crafted and professionally made appliances like the ones offered by the Mabru air conditioning team! After all, the best way to be prepared for the worst is to have all the necessary resources required to ensure that it doesn’t happen at all.

The Best RV Air Conditioning Units on the Market

If you want to keep you and your family in optimal comfort during an adventure in an RV, then you’re going to need to know how to keep your RV cool. Luckily, a Mabru air conditioner offers the solution for anyone undergoing such a journey. See the full selection of products offered by our team, including both RV and marine air conditioning units. Visit our online store to get started in outfitting your RV the right way.

Reach out to the professionals today to get more insights about our products or how you could become a vendor yourself. If you are interested in more insights from our team of professionals, then be sure to look at our other RV and marine air conditioning articles to learn more!


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