Our Marine Product Line

Since 1983, expert-crafted marine air conditioners by Mabru Power Systems have been used by boaters from far and wide to make their experience on the ocean better. If you are looking for the perfect Mabru product for your vessel, from the best marine air conditioner to marine chillers, then you’re sure to find exactly what you need with the Mabru air conditioning experts!

State of the Art Marine Air Conditioner Units

Crafting the perfect air conditioner for marine vessels is our ultimate goal. As such, we have put forth years of innovation and design into making each marine product we put on the market the best one available.

  • Our Marine AC Air Conditioners are available from 4,200 BTW with 230v 50/60HZ to 17,000 BTU 230V 50/60HZ. This wide range of Mabru marine AC units means that the perfect product for your vessel is bound to have something perfect waiting for it in our stock.
  • Mabru DC Air Conditioners are becoming more popular in the boating world and accounting for it, our experts have developed several marine HVAC systems with this technology at the center. Our wide range includes everything from SC 5,000 BTU 12VC to SC 12,000 BTU 12VC. If you’re one of the many making the switch to this kind of unit, then we’re here to make it happen.
  • If you’re looking for a marine product that can provide all the benefits of a contemporary HVAC while being stored in your vessel’s radar dome, then look no further than our Mabru Radar Dome DC Units! These come in 12,000 BTU 12v and will pack all the punch needed.

Our selection of air conditioners is extensive. Anyone can find the perfect marine product for their situation in our stock. Our team also offers other products for boat owners as well. Ensuring that everything will be covered is part of our mission.

Other Marine Products to Meet Your Every Need

Not every marine product we offer is an HVAC system. We understand that so much more goes into outfitting the perfect vessel, so we offer a wide range of products to help make everything come together. Products such as:

  • Mabru Battery: Energy is the name of the game when you’re on the water. Having the perfect Mabru marine battery is a must for those in need of batteries that provide amazing cycle life and depth of discharge.
  • Marine Pump: If you’re looking for a pump that is small, quiet, and reliable, then our marine pumps are the perfect fit! You’re never going to be disappointed with a product our team crafts.
  • Marine Chillers: Our marine chillers come in a vast selection. You’re bound to find the perfect equipment here. Each and every piece is amazing for any type of vessel.
  • Mabru RV HVACs: We provide the same innovation and quality for owners of RVs. We may focus on marine vehicles but also understand the need for quality in this field as well.
  • Marine Chilled Water Air Handlers: These can provide up to 24,000 Btu/h of cooling and heating capacity. Our lower-end units function just as well but merely have a smaller capacity.

Mabru Air Conditioning Products Is Ready to Help

If you are interested in any of the products on display at Mabru Power Systems and wish to learn more about how they can help make your experience on the water all the better, then get in touch with our team today! If you’re ready to make a purchase and make use of our “Find a Dealer” map and get the perfect piece of hardware for your vessel. For any more information regarding anything related to the industry we serve, feel free to take a look at the expert articles our business’ experts have crafted.