When you write a travel blog, it can serve as your own digital scrapbook. Not only can starting a travel blog be beneficial for you and your own memories, but it can also be beneficial for those looking to go on similar trips as you. Traveling is something very special. Being able to write about and share the memories that you experience while traveling can help inspire people that might not get the chance to travel as often.

Mabru Power Systems is here to support you in starting your first travel blog. Mabru has our own travel blog, covering many different concepts having to do with boats, RVs, and marine air conditioning. With extensive knowledge of marine air conditioning systems and years of experience with traveling, our experts are here to give you the proper tips on how to start a travel blog. Continue reading to learn more about what our experts have to say. 

Best Way to Start a Travel Blog

One of the first steps in starting a travel blog is picking a name for your blog. You’ll want a name that is equally personal and that fits the niche that you are going for. While you’re picking a name, create a logo as well. The name of a travel blog written from the perspective of a family of five will be very different from the name of a travel blog written by a solo traveler. When picking one, be creative and intentional. Make sure to include pictures in your blog, preferably pictures that you have taken yourself. You’ll also want to have a distinct voice and tone in your writing. Many times the personality of your writing is what will make people gravitate back toward your blog more than anyone else’s.

Once you have started your travel blog and found your voice in the community, it’s time to grow your audience. While the blog may just be for your own use, if it is in the public domain, people will end up seeing it. You might as well take that to your advantage. Maybe start an Instagram page for your blog or insert your Facebook profile at the end of your readings. By doing this, people can “friend” you and keep up with your travels on multiple platforms. There is no right or wrong way to go about blogging because it is so subjective. Just make it true to yourself and your travel experiences.

Boating Blog

Traveling by boat is a very different travel experience than traveling by car or plane. Boating blogs come with their own set of niche information and rules. Some tips for starting one include making clear the type of boat you own and use. Many other sailors might ask about the specifics of the boat that you have. They may have the same boat, too, and might be looking for some inspiration. Or maybe readers have a completely different boat, and they can realize up front that they need to look elsewhere for information. There are many boats and marine jargon that readers look for when doing research. Be sure to include appropriate information when necessary. We would say that it is also key to include pictures of and from your boat rides. If you have a beautiful boat, it does not hurt to have pictures from your adventures on it.

Not only is it important to have logistical information about your boat on your blog, but it is also key to include the activities and the experiences you had on your boating travel days. People want to know if you swam with the sharks or saw dolphins at sunset. They also want to know if your sister-in-law got sick off the side of the boat. These are memories that you will want to look back on personally as well, so don’t hesitate to include details. Having a boat is such a privilege that if others can’t experience it firsthand, they can at least live vicariously through you.

Mabru Air Conditioning to Keep You Cool on Your Boat Day

Now that you understand how to start a travel blog, it is time to start traveling. If you are planning on starting a travel or a boat blog, make sure that your boat and RV are all stocked up with the correct Mabru air conditioning systems. Whether you are flying, driving, or planning to travel by boat, a central air conditioning system is crucial to having the best experience. See our full selection of products now, or find a dealer near you to get started on taking your travel experience to the next level.


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