If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you are enjoying your time out on the water on your boat or are in the middle of one of the legs of your RV adventure and your AC unit will not blow cold air, then you understand just how uncomfortable this situation can be. It can become frustrating for the owners of these marine or RV air conditioning units as they may begin to feel as though there is no solution to their issues. This happens even when they know what the specific issues are. To make overcoming this worry and annoyance easier, the team at Mabru Power Systems, an expert provider of marine and RV air conditioner units, gives our insight into why your AC won’t blow cold air and what you can do to fix it!

Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Won’t Get Cold 

People can become frustrated when their AC unit is barely blowing cold air, or even worse, not blowing cool air at all. This frequently happens when they feel as though they are not able to identify what the specific issue is. The expert Mabru air conditioning team has years of experience in the field of supplying these appliances, and because of this, has been able to narrow down the issues to a few possible sources of suspicion. Keep an eye out for any of these issues whenever your HVAC is not blowing cold air:

  • Leaking: If you are certain that your air conditioning unit has been filled with all the proper liquid but still find that your AC won’t blow cold air, be sure to investigate the possibility of leakage within the unit. 
  • Dirty Filters: Most air conditioning units for marine vessels and RVs use a filtration system to keep your air clean while also blowing it into a more pleasant state. A blocked filter due to dirt, soil, sand, etc., could be the cause of your temperature not blowing as requested.
  • Blocks or Clogs in the Coils or Condensers: Coils and condensers may require replacement after years of service, and, as such, a replacement part might be needed. If you have not gone through the process of fulfilling this essential part of HVAC maintenance, then it should certainly be considered one of the potential reasons why your AC doesn’t get cold air circulation. 

These are the three most easily spotted reasons why an AC won’t blow cold air, and while other reasons could exist that are causing the issues, the likely scenario is that you are dealing with one of these problems. The good thing about having one of these issues, as opposed to one that is less common, is that there are several known methods to go about repairing the unit without having to replace the entire appliance.  

What to Do When Your AC Will Not Blow Cold Air 

Have you found the reason why your air is not blowing cold from your marine or RV air conditioning unit? Then it is time to get to work by preparing for a situation requiring an immediate fix. If you are dealing with any of the previously mentioned issues regarding your HVAC, then be sure to follow these methods of solution:

  • Fixing Your Leakage Issue: Leakage is one of those things that no marine air conditioner owner would want to be diagnosed with. In very few cases and with plenty of knowledge, fixing this can be performed DIY. We always recommend utilizing a professional for a complete fix.
  • Ways to Solve Your Issues With Dirty Air Conditioning Filters: Marine and RV filters are just like the ones found in home units in that they must be cleaned out or replaced as the use of the appliance goes on. Filters will clog up if left unattended. The good news is that they are doing their job when this happens. 
  • Making Your Coil and Condenser Issues a Thing of the Past: Most of the issues related to coils and condensers can be attributed to a lack of proper upkeep or necessary replacement. To solve this, get a high-quality marine or RV coil or quality condenser as a replacement. 

Although these are the solutions for the most common occurrences when an AC won’t blow cold air, there could be a different and less common reason for why yours is experiencing this issue. In order to ensure that you deal with these issues as little as possible, be sure to get a quality and expertly crafted RV or marine air conditioning unit. This will help ensure that quality and performance remain at the top of the list of priorities. Units like these are the ones we offer at Mabru Power Systems. 

RV and Marine Air Conditioning Solutions That Won’t Disappoint 

If your AC won’t blow cold air and you are tired of constantly experiencing this issue, then it may be time for an improvement to your appliance. If you wish to upgrade your marine or RV air conditioner today, then visit our online store or find a vendor near you. Make the change to an expertly crafted and professionally perfected unit. If you have any questions related to our units or how you can become a vendor yourself, then be sure to reach out to our team today, and you’ll get a response from one of our team members promptly. If you are interested in getting more insights into the world of air conditioning, boating, or RV adventures, then be sure to read some of our team’s other articles. There you will get professional tips and opinions from our Mabru air conditioner unit experts.


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