For boaters around the world, there are few places as revered for their amazing opportunities for adventure as the great state of Florida. The experts at Mabru Power Systems, a provider of marine air conditioners that is based out of South Florida, have decades of experience in the world of boating and are well versed in all things Florida boating. As experts in boating here, our team has decided to craft this quick guide to the best Florida boating destinations for those in need of a little bit of insight. Our guide will primarily focus on the best places in South Florida to go out on the water but will touch on both the east and west sides of the state’s coastline.

Best Boating Spots in Florida’s Eastern Coast

Some of the best of South Florida’s cities are located on the east coast. The same rule also applies to the opportunities for boating in Florida in this area. Some of the best east coast Florida boating destinations offer not only amazing water and weather but also the opportunity to experience it all with some of the world’s most famous skylines as your backdrop. The best boating destinations in Florida for east coasters are the following:

  • The Fort Lauderdale/Miami Area: One of the best places in South Florida for everything from nightlife to beaches is also one of the best places to take your boat in Florida.
  • Palm Beach: Located just north of the previously mentioned Florida boating destinations, doing a crawl from one to the other is a magical experience.
  • Key Biscayne: If you’re looking for a location that mixes the luxury of the South Florida area with beautiful natural sights, you can’t go wrong here.

Our Mabru air conditioner experts love to travel to these areas whenever they have the time and are on the east coast. But when they are on the west coast, they also love to frequent some of the Florida boating destinations on that side of the state.

Best Places to Boat in Florida’s West Coast

The best places to take your boat in Florida aren’t necessarily always the most famous parts of the state. In fact, the west coast offers some of the most beautiful locations for boating in the world while still being low-key and relaxed. 

  • Naples: This Florida boating location is a great place to enjoy an afternoon on the water while gazing at beautiful homes and quiet beaches.
  • Fort Myers: If you decide to pop into this area while you’re in Florida for a boating expedition, then you are in for a treat as you will encounter friendly locals and great times.
  • Tampa: A bit further up north than the rest of our suggested Florida boating destinations, you owe it to yourself to venture onto the waters of the Tampa/St. Petersburg area!

The only drawback to Florida boating is that sometimes it can get a bit too hot to handle for those not accustomed to the heat of the sunshine state. Luckily, there are expert products that can make your afternoon as temperature friendly as it is fun and beautiful.

Make Boating in Florida Perfect With Mabru Air Conditioning

If you’re planning a Florida boating expedition and want to stay comfortable, then there is no better product to have handy than a marine air conditioner by Mabru Power Systems. Our Marine air conditioning systems are expertly designed and crafted for excellence and efficiency, find a dealer today or reach out to our team to learn more. If you wish to get further insights into all things boating and marine air conditioning, be sure to take a look at some of our other expert blogs and articles.


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