Catamarans are some of the most beautiful and impressive boats to be the owner of or a guest on. They provide an experience like no other and use spacing that is entirely unique to their design. These are all things that make the catamaran a staple of great sailing. When it comes to air conditioning for sailboats of this kind, however, the story can get a bit more complicated. Understanding why the air conditioning on sailboats like these is different from any other and how you can outfit it properly is a must for becoming an expert in catamaran ownership. To make your understanding of catamaran air conditioning complete, the team at Mabru Power Systems has created this guide to catamaran air conditioning. We are providers of excellent marine air conditioning system solutions such as marine DC units and AC appliances for boats. If you want to make your understanding of outfitting these types of vessels second to none, this is the place to start.

Catamaran vs. Typical Sailboat Air Conditioning

Sailboats may be propelled by the same wind and sail power, but their designs can vary quite a bit. Catamarans are a prime example of a unique design that could play into certain changes having to be accounted for.

A typical sailboat air conditioner should always be enough if purchased through a quality source, such as a Mabru air conditioner. Catamaran air conditioning may require a bit more consideration to account for the two-pronged style of the vessel and whether there is a middle zone included in the design.

When there is a middle area of a catamaran that does not form part of a fluid interior design but rather forms a hard separation between two interiors, one marine air conditioner will not be able to reach the other side while working on the other. When considering that weather on the water can vary and be uncomfortable to some, it is important to factor in a plan for air conditioning a catamaran that will work well for all people on board at the same time. Luckily there is an established blueprint to follow that could serve as the starting point for all sailors looking to map their plans for air conditioning while on the water.

Air Conditioning on a Catamaran Done Right

Before considering how you will map out your catamaran air conditioning plans, do a quick walkthrough of your vessel. You’ll want to establish not only if you have an empty space between the two “main” cabins but also if this empty space is substituted with a large cabin area that could be hard to ventilate efficiently. If you are the owner of a catamaran with two distinct and separated areas, then it may be time to start considering the needs of your vessel and if a second marine air conditioning unit may be required. 

If you have a cabin that is not too large and allows for a free flow of ventilation within the cabin, then your catamaran air conditioning needs may very well be no different from the ones that are required of other forms of sailboats. Larger cabins may require a more capable air conditioning unit for the vessel, but nonetheless, one should be enough. The best way to ensure that your entire cabin, or both if necessary, remain at their coolest or warmest is to get a high-quality marine air conditioning unit, such as the ones offered by the Mabru air conditioning team!

Marine Air Conditioning of the Highest Quality

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