Whether you are an experienced boater with years of experience in the field or are new to the wonderful world of boating, you will most likely want to have a boat AC system present to make your travels as comfortable as possible while out on the water. When it comes to boats with air conditioning, some basic maintenance may be needed to keep everything in top shape and working order. If you are not familiar with the inner workings of air conditioning on boats or just want some extra tips that could come in handy next time you’re in a pinch, the team at Mabru Power Systems is here to help! Our team has years of experience in the field of marine air conditioning and is happy to share information that our current or future customers can apply to their everyday boating life.


Why Maintaining Air Conditioning on a Boat Is So Important

Before tackling the ways that you can keep your air conditioner for boat cabin cooling or heating in top shape, it’s important to tackle that boats with air conditioning should be kept as comfortable as possible. The main reasons for this have to do with comfort and maintaining the afforded comfort that air conditioning on boats offers. 

You will likely be more than satisfied with your comfort while on the deck of your vessel. The ocean’s breeze acts as a natural way to keep the weather amazing on the water. When inside of a cabin, however, you will be faced with the side effects that come with keeping elemental danger outside of vessels, a hit to natural ventilation. Making your boat airtight to avoid any leakage from the waters surrounding it means that you likely will not get the natural breeze flowing into your cabin as it does onto your deck. Your boat’s HVAC provides that comfort through technology. Keeping this appliance in top shape means that you will always be comfortable while on boats with air conditioning. Regular servicing and checkups are recommended for all owners of boats with air conditioning. This ensures that the appliance is operating at full capacity. There are also some measures you can take to maintain efficiency to a maximum level. 


Best Marine Air Conditioner Tips and Tricks

If you are the owner of a boat using HVAC solutions, or several boats with air conditioning, then it is important to keep everything in working order. Any serious issues should be tackled by a professional who you can trust to service your marine appliances. Air conditioning for a boat has maintenance recommendations and checks that are quite like traditional HVAC units. Following these tips should be a great way to maintain air conditioning for a boat as well as any other forms of AC you may own:

  • Maintain the water flow: Sometimes, your issues could be related to the water flow that your unit is receiving. Regular water flow checks and upkeep is a great solution.
  • Checking hose connections: Regularly checking your hose connections is perfect for ensuring that all the proper connections are made. This is the best way to ensure that all the proper tubes are in place for proper airflow.
  • Shutting off AC when not in use: When you’re not on your boat, shutting off the air conditioning will make your unit’s lifespan longer and its use better.
  • Cleaning out condensers: If there is a clog in your condenser or filter because of debris or other factors, then cleaning out these parts of the appliance will boost performance.
  • Temperature checks: Take a temperature check at the highest and lowest settings, and make a note of any changes in the environment. This will allow you to top gauge the unit’s effectiveness.

The above methods are a great way to ensure that boats with air conditioning keep blowing cold or warm air at your convenience. But remember,  a quality marine air conditioner is the best way to ensure proper performance. 


Mabru Air Conditioning Solutions for Boats

If you need air conditioning for boats to not only fully enjoy your time out on the water but also to keep your needs for maintenance to a minimum, then a Mabru air conditioner is the perfect unit for you! Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our units. You can also visit our online store today to see the full selection of available products.

Interested in learning more about all things related to our amazing marine air conditioning system options, the boating world, or about RV HVAC solutions? Be sure to look at some of the team’s other marine air conditioning articles and get the insight only professionals in the field can provide.


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