Every boater has found themselves in a position where their old AC unit is no longer operating at full capacity, and they must begin the process of acquiring a new one, but once the upgrade is complete, how long do air conditioners last on boats? This question comes with caveats related to both the amount of maintenance and repairs being done on the units and could be more difficult and complicated to answer than some would expect. To explain everything, you’ll need to know about the lifespan of your marine air conditioner; the team at Mabru Power Systems has created this introductory guide explaining what amount of time you can expect to get use out of your unit for and how you can extend that time for as long as possible. Our team has offered access to the very best marine air conditioning solutions available for years, and our experts are always happy to share information regarding the industry they serve whenever they can. 

How Long Does an AC Unit Last on Your Marine Vessel?

Before you can get started on all the necessary steps to take for extending your marine air conditioner’s lifespan, it is important to first analyze the first question of how long air conditioners last on boats. This question is typically answered as being a 15–25-year period in which a marine air conditioning unit can be used before experiencing appliance-ending damage. The reason for the variance in the time frame, roughly ten years, is because of the need for this appliance to go through regular maintenance and repairs. Failure to stay up to date on these two aspects can lead to a shorter lifespan, especially when you’re not using expertly crafted Mabru air conditioner systems but a lesser brand instead. Marine air conditioning troubleshooting and repairs are the best way to extend the amount of time your high-quality Mabru products can be used for. But what are the specific steps to take to guarantee you’re getting the most out of your air conditioner? How long you’ll be using your marine AC unit is directly tied to how you treat the piece of equipment.

Extending Your Marine HVAC Lifespan

If this is your first time diving into answers to how long do air conditioners last, questions that have been on your mind for quite some time, then you may be worried about the chances of your unit having a lifespan closer to the minimum expected rather than the higher. If you’re worried about this being the case, then do not dwell on it and consider it a lost cause; rather, you should know what steps you can take to make marine air conditioning units last for as long as possible.

The roles of marine air conditioning repair and maintenance have on the longevity of your boat’s HVAC cannot be overstated; these routine checks and fixes can make a huge difference if you stay on top of them and apply effort when needed. The typical recommendation is to have the unit inspected once per year by a professional; they will be the best people to perform marine air conditioning system troubleshooting and provide straightforward and accurate answers for how in need of service the appliance is. Once they have done their inspection, be sure to get all the proper repair work done and continue to encourage healthy use through maintenance. Maintenance is important to longevity, even if you don’t find any errors to be aware of, which can often be the case for those who have purchased expertly crafted Mabru air conditioning units!

Marine Air Systems You Can Rely On 

If you are a boater who is tired of having their air conditioning units, marine chillers, and other pieces of equipment damaged due to their quality, then be sure to consider Mabru Power Systems and their professionally crafted marine HVAC units as the solution! Get in touch with our team today to learn more about what we offer, or take a look at our online store and see our full selection. Interested in picking up a unit near your area? Be sure to find a marine air conditioner vendor near you that carries Mabru products today! If you wish to learn more about marine AC units, or anything else related to the boating industry, then be sure to read our expert blog to learn more from experts in the industry with years of experience outfitting boaters all across the country. 


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