Marine Air Conditioner FAQs

The marine air conditioner has completely changed the way that people can enjoy their boating experience, but for many, it is still a mystery for several reasons. Whether your questions relate to the actual process of cooling or how to maintain an air conditioning system of this kind, Mabru Power Systems is here to help answer them all by tackling some of the most common questions posed by future and current users of Mabru Marine AC units.

How Do You Size a Marine Air Conditioner?

Every marine air conditioner works off of the same metrics for cooling as the equipment used at home for the same function: square footage. Finding out how large or small of a unit you will need will be done by calculating the area of your cabin that will be cooled. To find this, you will need to multiply the width of the areas you wish to be cooled by the length of those same areas. From there, compare what you found with the specifications of the units available at Mabru and make your selection from there.

How to Change Marine Air Conditioners?

Looking to replace the air conditioning unit on your boat? Well, it may not be as complicated as you might have thought! Removing the previous unit will boil down to which old unit you had. They are typically very straightforward and should be no more difficult than removing any other appliance. In some cases, the unit may be a bit more complex and require the assistance of a technician specialized in the field of marine appliances. Installing your new Mabru Marine air conditioner should be no different from this process as it is typically the same steps but in reverse!

Any Tips for How to Clean a Marine Air Conditioner?

As with any other appliance both on sea and land, some routine maintenance is recommended by suppliers, us included. Keeping your air and sea filters clean by routinely switching them out or cleaning them is a must. Treat these appliances just as you would any appliance in your home. Also, be sure to do routine inspections of the unit’s coils. These can become damaged over time and may need to be cleaned or replaced if enough damage is done.

What Is Flushing a Condenser for Boats?

A marine air conditioner relies on the condenser to perform to its highest ability. It is required to be routinely flushed, considering that it can, and will, be exposed to water while boating. When sea water is involved, this can become even more damaging. Be sure to have the condenser chemically flushed at least once a year to ensure that nothing befalls your unit when it should still be in optimal operation.

How Does Marine Air Conditioning Work?

To many people who enjoy boating in cool and relaxing weather, the actual science behind how their marine air conditioner works elude them. Luckily at Mabru Power Systems, we have the answers. In marine air regulation, the power stems from the very same place your boat does, the water you’re cruising on. Creating cool or warm air from water is a truly revolutionary way of maintaining cabin temperatures.

What makes Mabru products stand out from the competition?

Our CEO and founder, Alain Mabru, has been a well respected name in the air conditioning industry for over 30 years, helping many companies design and perfect their products before developing his own line. Mabru air conditioning units are designed with both quality and efficiency in mind. Each unit is tested at our Dania Beach, FL warehouse before it is sold.

What Makes Our Marine Batteries Unique?

Our Mabru Marine batteries provide over 5x the cycle life at 80% DOD (depth of discharge) compared to standard lead-acid batteries, and easily handles 2,000 cycles. Our batteries use Lithium Iron Phosphate which is the safest form of lithium chemistry. MPS lithium batteries are the ultimate clean energy.

How Does the Size of Your Marine Pump Increase Its Efficiency?

The small size of our pumps allows for much easier installations in bilge spaces. We utilize permanent magnet, brushless DC motors coupled with magnetic drive, non-friction impellers to maximize efficiency and durability. Besides, our pumps are fully submersible and ignition protected.

Where are Mabru Air Conditioning Units Sold?

Mabru units are sold all over the world. You can use our ‘Find a Dealer’ page to locate a dealer in your area or reach out to our sales team to purchase directly from our Dania Beach, FL location.

How Many Mabru Units Will I Need?

The number of units needed will depend on several factors including size of your boat or vehicle, number of cabins, and desired coolness. It is always best to consult with one of our knowledgeable team members to help guide you in your purchase.

What’s the Best Way to Reach the Support Team?

You can call (888-818-2814) or email ( our technical support and sales team Monday through Friday 8-4:30pm EST.

Can I Install a Mabru Unit Myself?

It is always recommended to have a qualified technician install your units to ensure proper installation however for smaller projects such as an RV or self-contained Marine units, many customers choose to perform installations themselves.

Does Mabru Offer Installation Services?

Mabru Power Systems offers installations in both Dade and Broward County, FL. We are happy to help you locate a qualified installer in your area after purchase.

Where Can I Get the Best Marine Air Conditioning Units on the Market?

Not every marine air conditioner is made to the same standards and levels of quality. None can match the reliability and innovation that Mabru Power Systems brings to the table! If you are interested in becoming a dealer or purchasing one of your own, be sure to get in touch with our team first to get any additional information you may need. If you’re interested in learning more from the marine AC experts at Mabru, be sure to read some of our articles on the subject and get insights directly from the professionals.